The last few days. #adventillustated

These are the last few entries of Advent Illustrated.
It’s been an interesting delve into Bible Journaling. I think I am doing to do more bible journalling, but keep it to its own Bible. All of my Advent Illustrated entries have been in my normal day to day bible, so thats probably why they have been quite reserved.

I missed a few days intentionally because doing something like this everyday means that I’d end up with less space on my page.

I’ll be doing some more Bible Journalling in the future for sure! I hope you enjoyed Advent Illustrated!

Peace and Joy.


Dwelling in God’s promices. #adventillustrated

You can totally feel that it is almost the end of Advent! All the readings this week have been surrounding God’s promises for us.

I’m still being cautious about working on these pages. As you can see from the Ruth page, I am using the bible for my normal bible study too. This has been about trying to tie in some bible journalling in with normal bible study.  I attempted to draw something for day 15(2 Sam 6:14) But ended up wrecking the page and so I covered it over. It was rather annoying.

Hope everyone is enjoying Advent! The King is coming. Not much longer to wait!

Peace and Joy.

Feeling green. #adventillustrated

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The pen that I used for the writing in the top was a bit light, but thats just because it doesn’t photograph well.
Theres so many of these verses that have the word ‘Behold’ in them. I’m just trying to ponder what draws me to that particular word!

Gradually getting more and more brave about what I do in my journalling bible! If nothing else this Advent is teaching me to be a bit more courageous!

Peace and Joy


God with us. #adventillustrated

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I’ve been thinking alot about Mary recently. And just how much it would have taken for her to be the bearer of our Saviour.
God. With. Us.
Those words just seem to resonate so deeply that I’m not sure any illustration quite does it justice. But alas, here is a simple attempt at trying to capture something complex that I’ve been thinking about today.


P.s Yesterdays illustration did happen, but for some reason the topic of Good and Evil didnt really lend itself to anything that I wanted to share. However Mthr Ally posted the most beautiful illustration on here blog. That I really think sums up my thoughts on it.