When things are unfinished…

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetIt was beautifully foggy as we made our way to Morning Prayer this morning. We are drawing to the end of the term I’ve been reflecting on how time quickly has gone. When I first started going through the vocational process, I was determined to get out there as quick as possible. After being here for almost two terms, I now think that I am happy to have my 3 years. Theres just so much you learn, both in quick ways and the things you learn over time.  A whole picture of a person being formed to be a priest in the service of God. When I think about it like that, I am not sure I will ever be ready. But hopefully by the grace of God I will be better formed leaving here then I was when I came in.

In our formational classes, formally known as ‘Life and Service’ we’ve been going through a module on preaching. Preaching is a big part of what a priest does in church, so it is only right that we have been trying to help each other become better preachers.  As a class we’ve been peer reviewing each others sermons which has lead to a great deal of bonding and encouragement. Processed with VSCOWe don’t often get the opportunity to hear people preach. Ordinands tend to preach on attachment and by default that means the rest of us are busy too. It has been such a blessing to hear the message that has been moving through other members of the community.  This week has also seen the first time I have preached at my attachment church. It’s been a little while since I last preached, and that time didn’t go very well so I was quite nervous. Preaching is also something that we experience often as ordinands. Just being in church services a lot means there is a lot of hearing people preach. This combined with a class of Ordinands talking about what makes a good or bad sermon means that I’ve become quite self conscious about how I preach. This I suppose can only be a good thing. I dare say that even once I am ordained (God willing) that I will still be working on my preaching technique.

This week has been a good mix of work and play. I made it to the ever-so-slightly daunting University Library this week. Being able to successfully navigate the endless corridors and stacks of books was a simple victory in the battle against the academic workload.   My Wednesday Dungeons and Dragons  game also reconvened to much silliness and joy. Screenshot_2016-03-01-21-53-16I now play DnD on two nights. On Mondays I play with a group of friends from my local board games club and we take it in turns to run  a series of sessions- commonly called GM’ing. (I begin my turn in  GM’ing on Monday.) On Wednesday I play DnD with a group of people from various places. We all know each other though our GM, and we use an online platform called Roll 20 to play our games. This group has been running since September, and after having a small break to try a different role play platform we have returned to our original campaign.  I don’t think I ever realised just how fun DnD is. I always saw it as the top level of nerdom, and that it was uncool. Thankfully shows like Critical Roll, Acquisitions Incorporated and Temple of the Lava Bears have shown that DnD is something that all can engage with.Its been such an important part of what has kept me sane this term, and I’m hoping to continue with these groups long into the future.


For some reason I always end up starting posts and then never finishing them!
Term has finished and the tridium has begun. I’m spending some time relaxing at home with the family enjoying the rest of Holy Week at my home church.

A very joyful easter to you when it comes.



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